the CAO

The Canadian Association of Orthodontists is the national organization and official voice for Certified Orthodontic Specialists in Canada and is dedicated to the promotion of the highest standards of excellence in orthodontic education and quality orthodontic care.

Our objectives

Advance the Science and Art of Orthodontics.
Promote the highest standards of excellence in the practice of orthodontics.
Protect the rights of its members as Certified Specialists in orthodontics.
Promote public awareness of the benefits of orthodontic health care provided by Certified Specialists in Orthodontics.

Become a member

Belonging to professional organizations is very rewarding. The CAO provides a unified voice when disseminating information about orthodontics and when lobbying governments and various regulatory bodies on behalf of Canadian orthodontists. By actively participating in the CAO, you can help shape the future of orthodontics in Canada.

Membership benefits

Development of Canadian-centric consumer marketing

Annual Scientific Session with reduced registration fees

Listing in the online membership directory

Monthly CAO Bulletin e-newsletters

Listing in the online “Find an Orthodontist” search tool for the public

Informative membership e-blasts

Access to membership resources containing information vital to your practice, such as third-party insurance guidelines, HST guidelines, etc.

Support from the CAO Helpline (a service that helps resolve disputes between patients/parents and the member orthodontist)

Access to the services in the Members Only section of the CAO website. These include:

  • Classifieds, locum service, poster presentations, webinar archive viewing
  • Dedicated liaison and programs for New and Younger members
  • Strong representation with the American Association of Orthodontists and Canadian Dental Specialties Association

Please contact the office for more information or current membership pricing!

Membership levels

Join us today!

If you are interested in joining the Canadian Association of Orthodontists, please contact Melissa at the CAO Office at melissa@touchpointamc.ca

CAO Active Membership is ONLY for orthodontists who have a license from a Canadian Regulatory Body.

CAO Student membership is ONLY for those currently enrolled in a Canadian Orthodontic Residency Program or a Canadian studying at an accredited orthodontic graduate program.

The CAO does not have an international membership category.

Active Member

A person who is registered as an orthodontic specialist with a Dental Regulatory Authority (DRA) in Canada may apply for active membership in this Association. Active Members shall pay all dues and assessments.

Life-Active Member

Members of this Association who have been Active or Academic Members of this Association for thirty five consecutive years shall be granted Life-Active Membership. Life-Active Members shall pay 50% of all Active Member dues and assessments and shall be eligible to hold office in the Association.

Student to Active Member

A CAO Student Member who has graduated from an accredited orthodontic program and who fulfills the requirements for membership may apply for Active Membership status. Discounts are available for the first- and second-year following graduation. The full Active rate commences with the third year following graduation.

Student member

Graduate and postgraduate students presenting evidence of active enrollment in a Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada–approved graduate-level program are eligible to apply for Student membership. The application must be confirmed by the Head of the orthodontic department where the student is enrolled. Student members shall be exempt from payment of all dues and assessments, shall not be eligible for voting privileges and shall not be eligible to hold office in the Association.

Academic Member

A person who has successfully completed a university-level program in orthodontics and is employed full-time in an orthodontic program accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada may apply for Academic membership. Academic membership must be accompanied by verification of full-time employment by the Dean or Chair of the orthodontic department where the applicant is employed. Academic membership status shall automatically terminate upon the earlier of the following: (1) election to Active membership in the Association; or (2) termination of full-time employment in an orthodontic program accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada. Academic Members receive all Active Member benefits, may hold office in the Association and are eligible for discounts on their annual dues.

Membership pricing

Please contact the office for current membership pricing.