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The CAO is aware of a recent sudden closing of an orthodontic office in New Brunswick

We feel for the patients and families involved in this unfortunate situation. Our understanding is the process of transferring patient records to other nearby Orthodontic practices is underway. Continuity of care for orthodontic patients is of utmost importance, and we commend our orthodontic colleagues in the area for opening up their offices to help the patients involved.

For those impacted by the closure of Smile Direct Club

In light of Smile Direct Club's recent closure, customers may find themselves without the appropriate support during their ongoing treatment. It is recommended that those affected consider consulting with a certified orthodontic specialist for a thorough diagnosis and personalized treatment plan. Seeking the advice of an orthodontist can provide valuable insights into your current situation and guide you toward achieving a healthy, beautiful smile.

Why an orthodontist?

Orthodontists are dentists who have completed an additional 2 to 3 years of university education to specialize in orthodontic treatment. They are experts in aligning teeth and jaw bones to obtain a great smile and healthy bite.

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What are the risks of mail-order (Do-It-Yourself) teeth straightening?

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When should children see an orthodontist?

We recommend that every child see an Orthodontic Specialist no later than age 7. By this time, the adult teeth are starting to come in, and various problems can be identified and possibly corrected early. Many orthodontic problems are easier to correct if detected early rather than waiting until jaw growth has slowed, which may mean a patient will avoid surgery or other more complex treatments later in life.

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