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How do I become an orthodontist?

Being an orthodontist is a very rewarding career. You must first become a dentist and then complete an additional two-to-three-year master’s program in orthodontics at an accredited university. The Canadian and American Dental Associations will have information on the dental programs available. You can contact them to see what the requirements are for acceptance into the individual dental programs.

I am already an orthodontist in another country. How do I become licensed as an orthodontist in Canada?

All health professions in Canada are regulated. Please contact the regulatory body for the province where you wish to work for advice on the necessary requirements.

The CAO does not have an international membership category.

CAO membership is only for orthodontists licensed to practice in Canada by a Canadian Regulatory Body, students enrolled in a Canadian Orthodontic Residency Program, or Canadians studying at an accredited orthodontic graduate program.

Why become an orthodontist?

Being an orthodontist is a wonderful career. It provides a wide variety of employment opportunities including associateships (working for another orthodontist or orthodontic company), sole proprietor ownership and partnership ownership. Orthodontics offers the ability to set your own schedule so you can work as much or as little as you like. But the MOST REWARDING thing about being an orthodontist is the interaction with people and knowing that you can truly make a difference in someone’s life.

Where to study?

* These schools also have a graduate orthodontic program

For more information, visit:

Provincial dental regulatory authorities

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